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Tea, like wine varies in flavour depending on where it is grown, the time of year it is picked and the methods used to process the leaf.  Amazingly most teas come from one plant – Camellia sinensis – this single plant can produce white, green, black and oolong, depending on how the leaves are oxidised


white tea

From the younger, tender leaves and buds this is the least process of all the teas ensuring the leaves maintain the highest levels of antioxidants and a low level of caffeine

green tea

Young shoots are plucked and then fixed through steam or pan-frying before being rolled and dried. A low level of oxidation results in a fresh green appearance and flavour

black tea

The tips of the tea plant are picked, withered, well rolled and high fired.  This process results in a high level of oxidation producing a bold and brisk flavour and higher levels of caffeine

  • Caffeine 10% 10%
  • CAFFEINE 30% 30%
  • CAFFEINE 78% 78%
  • antioxidants 80% 80%
  • ANTIOXIDANTS 70% 70%
  • ANTIOXIDANTS 15% 15%

“Our love of tea brought us to India where we discovered a whole
new world of tea.  It was in Darjeeling where we met the owner of one of the oldest tea estates and the start of the Noble Leaf journey.”

Chris Rule – Co-Founder

Handpicked tea

The tea is handpicked by specialists who have learnt their knowledge and skill through the generations.

Only the top leaves are carefully selected to ensure only the highest quality tea is produced.

The leaves are then dried and/or oxidised depending on the tea being produced before being inspected and then sent to the UK for hand packing at Noble Leaf HQ.

Our tea comes from a few small tea estates in Darjeeling and one in Assam, all of which have generations of experience.




herbal tea

“We started looking for a herbal tea range to introduce and found a family farm in Hampshire with a wealth of knowledge and passion for high quality herbs – our search was over.”

Gen Rule – Co-Founder

UK grown herbal tea

Our herbal teas are grown on a family farm in Hampshire, UK.  The farm has been working the fields for generations and are experts in their field. 

The farm uses sustainable methods of farming which results in slower growing methods but greater tasting herbs – a very mindful approach to farming.

The herbs are carefully grown and picked before being dried and then handpacked at Noble Leaf HQ.




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