Cold brew kit


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Cold Brew Kit

If you fancy an alternative way to enjoy our white tea you will love our Cold Brew Kit.  We’ve combined our superior white tea with a beautiful glass bottle infuser – a perfect combination!

What is cold brew?

Cold brew, or iced tea (and we’re not talking about the Long Island variety here) is a thirst quenching alternative to a hot cuppa. Cold brew tea doesn’t require sweeteners, sugar or syrup, just high quality whole leaf tea, cold water (ideally filtered) and a fridge!

Cold brew is perfect for hot summers, after exercise or a more healthy alternative to soft drinks. It has all the same benefits as a hot cup of tea.

Cold brew flask

Our cold brew flasks are perfect for cold steeping tea.  They are double walled for added insulation to keep your brew cooler for longer and have a large tea infuser basket which clips into the flask.  Made from High Borosilicate Glass, BPA free, these flasks can also be used for hot drinks.  Capacity: 400ml

How do you make Cold Brew?

The process of cold brewing brings out different flavours in the tea and a cold brew tea tends to taste more sweet – naturally.

  1. Choose your favourite loose leaf tea
    Measure 2 heaped teaspoons into the infuser of the cold brew flask
  2. Add water
    Fill your cold brew bottle up to the top with cold filtered water, make sure the infuser is immersed in the water and secure the lid
  3. Steep & Drink
    Now refrigerate the cold brew flask for a minimum of 4 hours, preferably 6-9 hours or overnight, remove the infuser, pour and enjoy!

The longer the leaves steep in the water, the stronger the tea will taste – experiment with your cold brew until you find your perfect flavour.  We like ours as they come on the rocks, but if you want to add a little extra flavour then you could try a little lemon, honey or even a sprig of mint but always try it on its own first, as the flavours that come out of the leaves are exquisite!

Awaken – white tea

An exquisite white tea like no other with hints of honey and lemon balm.  If you thought white tea lacked flavour then think again.

Hand picked from one of the first tea estates in Darjeeling.  These tea tea leaves have been carefully plucked and only the fresh new buds and top two leaves are used which is why its silvery tips remain.

This is ideal if you like a lighter morning cup or a refreshing drink before bed.  Enjoy this tea for a second steep and you will bring out its peachy undertone.  This tea should be enjoyed on its own either hot or as a refreshing cold brew.



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