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Too busy to switch off?

According to a recent study, fewer people in the UK are able to ‘switch off’. From the 2,000 adults asked, two thirds say their lifestyle leaves no time to decompress and it’s taking its toll on their health and emotional wellbeing. Four in 10 admit they find it difficult to unwind and this has a negative impact on their home life, and more than half are so busy they have no time to take a tea break.

As you can imagine, this news has shocked us at Noble Leaf HQ but perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised.

The evolution of technology means we’ve developed devices to make our lives “easier”, but the reality is it means we’ve become “connected” 24/7.  We’ve not become less busy, if anything we’ve been empowered to squeeze more into our days, however this can be at the detriment to our health, wellbeing or relationships.

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Take back control

We can take back control by making a conscious effort to do so. In fact it can be relatively easy to do – just a few small changes throughout the day can make all the difference.

Making a cup or pot of tea is the perfect time to stop what we are doing and have a moment out. The simple act of boiling or heating water can help us take a mindful moment and focus on the sound of the water as it crescendos. Placing the tea leaves into an infuser or pot and watching as the leaves unfurl and dance in the hot water, can transport us to a place of calm and relaxation while we wait for our tea to steep – these 3 minutes can make a difference to our daily lives, enjoying this moment not thinking of anything other then the beauty inside our cup can help us relax, unwind and help our minds focus.

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Create a ritual

Tea meditation is not a new concept, but it is a different approach to the way we drink tea in the UK. We have become so busy that we tend to just grab a cuppa and drink on the go not taking any time slow down, enjoy the taste and take some time out for ourselves.

There is another way. Take time every day to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Slow down and enjoy the finest whole leaf tea with mindful intention. The past has gone, the future isn’t here, so indulge in the present. Reconnect to a place of natural peace, wisdom and joy – this is your time. Slow down and smile.



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