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  1. Who are Noble Leaf and how did you start?

Three friends who met at university in 2000 and all took very different paths professionally, but all came to the same conclusion; life is hectic, we work too hard and we don’t have enough time for ourselves. In 2017, Jonathan left his job in San Francisco and went on a journey of self-discovery and travelled the world.  Chris at the time was completely consumed by his work and decided to take some time out and met up with Jonathan in India and it was there that their love affair with real tea began.  Chris returned and together with Gen started working on the idea of building a conscious tea company with mindfulness at the heart, then on Jonathan’s return to the UK the company was founded.

  1. What makes you different from other tea brands?

We source our tea directly from the tea estates.  We know where the tea is grown and the processes it undergoes as we have been there and visited the estates first hand.  We also look for smaller tea estates who are passionate about their tea and have a story to tell.  We work closely with the tea gardens to ensure the tea is sourced ethically, fair and honestly. 

  1. What teas do you offer and what is your favourite?

We currently offer 6 different teas, with the focus very much being on the flavour of tea.  All tea comes from the same plant and it is the processing which varies the type of tea and flavour.  I love all our teas at different times, but our white tea is very different to how people think tea should be and yet 100% natural.  It has a subtle taste which is naturally sweet and is delicious both as a hot tea and a cold brew and has amazing health benefits.

We have also just launched two new herbal teas; whole flower camomile and peppermint Mitcham Black.  Both teas are grown in the UK and are of the highest standard, like all teas in the Noble Leaf collection.  To find out more please visit the shop pages.

  1. Do you also offer teaware?

In addition to our delicious teas we also provide a range of beautiful teaware, cold brew flasks, and a glass cup with an in-built infuser as well as launching some new flasks this year. Our aim is to encourage everyone to slow down a little.  We all work so hard and constantly strive for the next ‘big’ thing, without stopping and appreciating what is directly in front of us.  Our range of teas and teaware is designed out of a passion for the finer things, if we could all just stop and enjoy a cup of tea and experience the here and now, we would all be a little less stressed and appreciate what we have a bit more.    

  1. What made you decide to be plastic free and what does your packaging consist of?

We are building this brand independently from scratch and from the very beginning we have ensured we have done things as best we can.  For us, being plastic free was an obvious choice and we try to think mindfully about every element of the business.  Our tea is presented in a beautiful cardboard tube with the inner packaging being made from plants and is compostable.

  1. Where are you currently stocked?

 We are currently online at as well as a few wellbeing websites and Thornton’s Budgens in London – Britain’s first supermarket to have a plastic free zone.

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